Thursday, February 16, 2012

New eBook is Out

They finally did it! Intuary's ipad app Farfaria was launched just the other day, and with it my book work! "Lullaby in the Swamp," written by Christine Sawinski and illustrated by yours truly, is a poetic story about animal residents of a swamp as evening transitions to a magical, peaceful night. The link to the story is here, and for ipad users you can get a free 30-day trial of the app.

At last, I'm allowed to post some of the work, which has been waiting since the fall! Here's one page illustration; it depicts a nest of mourning doves settling in for the night, as dragonflies and a rogue fairy find other things to do. The medium is gouache and colored pencil.

If you're curious about the other pages, get the 30-day-free app! And tell me how it looks (I haven't got an ipad, unfortunately). Another story is in the works too, with a greater emphasis on fantastical characters and not so many night scenes!


  1. Thank you, Neiko, and right back at you - your character work is fantastic!

  2. Love this Tim, you really captured the mood of settling in for the night!