Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inside the House

This project was an overdue Christmas present from last year for my girlfriend. She loves miniatures and the movie The Borrower Arrietty, which featured a pretty remarkable doll house. So that was the jumping off point. The interiors and exteriors are all based on memories, locations, and possessions we shared together.

Inside the house are about nine rooms. Everything is made mostly of illustration board, paper, and some wood. Though certain furniture used Sculpey, foam, and cotton. All the color is gouache, acrylic, and colored pencil.

Here's a little tour:

The Library

The Living Room

The Entryway

The Gallery

The Studio

The Hallway

The Master Bedroom


  1. amazing!
    i like the light shinning through the windows

  2. This is quite possibly the best present I have ever gotten.