Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I can only show a few images per story, so here are some of my favorites. These ones are from the ebook "Daisy and the Dragons" mentioned in the previous post. It's this kids' book about this young girl Daisy (our eponymous hero) who encounters two dragons while roaming about the countryside. There's a red one and a blue one, and all evidence presents both of them as hostile beasts. However, using her wits, Daisy is able to overcome her individual troubles.

This was a fun project to work on with all the characters and interactions. I made a lot of discoveries and found some new effects with the medium. Plus, Intuary gave me free reign to do whatever I liked with the backgrounds! If you download the app, I think you'll see the play in each page.

That's about it for this story. Check out other RISD '11 profiles to see some more examples of Farfaria illustration! It seems the pool is growing every day. Also, here's a bonus image from the previous ebook. The frog page.

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