Sunday, August 22, 2010


The three weeks until school starts are bittersweet!  On the one hand, I have only 20 days of waiting to see friends again, which is great.  On the other, I have only 20 days to finish two oil paintings, an illustration project, and a stretched gouache + colored pencil drawing.  It's also possible that I may teach some in between.  So busy with art!  But I can't get tired if there's a lot of variety.  If I get burnt out from one medium, I can switch over to another and have some sort of new energy.  Here's an oil painting I'm making for my sister:

It's a landscape that she thought up from her imagination.  A painting in this stage I'd say is about 50% done.  There are still some big color decisions to be made through glazing; right now it's very brown.  At the same time, here some of my colored pencil doodles, done for fun.

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  1. Wow! What to say when no words come to mind? Well, maybe one word...MINDSCATTERING! BRILLIANT! What an accomplished artist you are. Your sister is lucky to get such a rewarding oil painting!