Thursday, July 8, 2010


So I'm looking out the window and it's raining.  The sun is setting behind a blanket of cream-colored cloud producing an ethereal scene of warm browns.  It's awe-inspiring-- the kind of art that makes you want to sit down and paint.

Recently, I've been drawing and painting landscapes on colored grounds.  I'd never really tried the method until I went to Rome.  There, I interned at Roberto Mannino's paper-making studio and came away with lots of papers of all sorts of fiber and color.  It was an excellent experience.  In studio, I experimented with colored pencil on top of my paper and produced these:

I noticed that the papers took the pencil really well-- the surface felt smooth as I drew, even though the papers felt cold-pressed.  I enjoyed seeing how the colored ground of each paper made a cohesive color scheme.

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